Services We Offer

Our Training Services range from supplemental to full redesign. In today's world engagement is driven by content, energy, and leveraging all modalities for delivering quality learning experiences.

How can we help you?

Pilot Simulation Packages

We build a custom series of simulations with all the details you need. This includes initial set up, pilot launch, and train the trainer so you can run it on your own.

Training Course Design

Our team regular writes and delivers new course material for general populations but also to address specific training needs in smaller agencies.

Online Learning Modules

So much of our training content is delivered virtually these days. Our team provides tools to get you started with your own LMS or builds virtual modules for your own system.

Skill Certifications

We have already developed several certification courses for various skillsets that are useful to social workers and therapists. These can be delivered in person, virtually, or as a hybrid.

Workforce Evaluations

The REAL Academy has developed an organizational health and engagement survey that measures several factors. We pair it with focus groups and a final report with action items.

Research Projects

Our team has in-house research experts who regularly analyze current data sets, write evaluations, and draft reports or white papers based on findings. 

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